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We have your back when it comes to evidence!

Puts you in control of the evidence! Developed in partnership with a senior Crime Scene Investigator and evidence handling trainer, with a large police agency in the Midwest. Database features were determined "in the trenches" by an evidence expert, who has handled countless pieces of evidence. Exhibit-A will move your evidence handling into the the 21st Century!

Easy to use! Exhibit-A is very easy to use, yet contains all the functionality needed to confidently maintain an evidence room and print reports for courtroom testimony.

Best value on the market! When you compare our bottom-line price to other systems, you will not find a better value for an evidence management database than Exhibit-A. Our customers appreciate the simplicity of our pricing. No need to understand 15 different pricing options before making a decision. Your search for the best evidence database system is over.

Excellent support! If you're not satisfied - we're not satisfied. That's why a generous block of support time is included in the price of Exhibit-A. Need help? No problem! Give us a call.

Database Feature Overview

  • Tracks chain of custody from initial collection by officer to the final disposition
  • Multi-User/Network Ready - can be installed on multiple computers at no extra charge!
  • If laptop is equipped with 'air card' Exhibit-A can be used from squad car
  • Prints and scans bar codes
  • Prints evidence labels with bar code
  • Inventory location report will show: 1. Items missing from specified location 2. Items in specified location that do not belong there 3. Items righfully stored in the location.
  • Quickly locates evidence in property room with item description key word search
  • User level security puts you in control of critical database functionality, such as, who can edit records or close cases
  • Unique Chain of Custody "Action Taken" feature, allows for accurate and customized descriptions of evidence movement
  • Can perform Chain of Custody movements on multiple items from multiple cases all in one movement
  • Saves, tracks, and can report on edits made to chain of custody or item descriptions
  • 118,653 word Spell Check!
  • Data is encrypted to protect your information from unauthorized prying eyes
  • Generates reports for court room testimony, inventory/audit, officer's log and more
  • Customizable drop down lists for specifying investigating and submitting officers as well as evidence packaging and type
  • Look up existing cases by 13 different criteria including an extremely helpful item description keyword search
  • Stores up to four photos per evidence item
  • Backs up data with the single click of a button
  • Customizable drop down for Offense is pre-populated with approximately 140 common criminal offenses to select from
  • Works with Windows: XP, Vista or Windows 7