Exhibit-A: Evidence, being used from inside a police car

You don't have to take our word for it...

"The program had to be user friendly and the learning curve had to allow officers to master the program quickly. Exhibit A, has met that objective for my officers who sing praises regarding the use and management of the software." Read full endorsement letter
-- Justin F. Salisbury, Cheif of Police, Clinton, IN

"We have looked for something to make this entire process less time consuming and easier for all the officers and you have hit the nail on the head. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Integrity Management and this product to other departments." Read full endorsement letter
-- Sheriff Bryan L Kinnett, Sullivan Co. IN

"IMS did our Historical Entry and Organization of our property room. With Exhibit-A, our evidence tracking and storage is now better than it ever has been. The accountability that it brings will be very hard to dispute in court. My guys are very happy with Exhibit-A."
-- Sheriff Mike Heaton, Clay Co. IN

"We have used other software that was clearly not made by people that actually use it. That is not true with Exhibit-A. It is made by cops for cops."
-- Detective Sean Stoops, Avon Police Department, Avon, Indiana

"I am not good at finding my way around a computer, but this program is easy to use."
-- Detective Jeff Maynard, Clay Co. IN

"Exhibit A is an excellent program. It is simple to use and understand. I would highly recommend this software to any agency looking to organize and simplify their evidence room inventory"
-- Det. Sgt. Justin Cole, Parke Co. IN

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